Couple Counselling

I see clients for couple counselling online and in Portsmouth  – please see my locations page for more information.

Couple counselling provides a safe space to explore your relationship together, so that you can both have your thoughts and feelings heard equally and without judgement. This process can enable you to look at how to move forward with the issues that are causing problems in your relationship and how to learn more effective ways of developing a richer and more meaningful relationship. I ask that you be respectful of each during our work together and to never use what is discussed in session against each other.

Please note that Couple Counselling focuses on how both individuals impact on the relationship and at how changes by both individuals can resolve the issues within the relationship. It would not focus on you as individuals nor would it focus on how to resolve your own personal issues.

I am able to offer couple counselling if either of you are already having individual counselling with a different counsellor or decide to undertake inidvidual counselling alongside and separate to our couple counselling together.

Since this is couple’s work, I will only see you individually if absolutely necessary and then it is a decision we will make together. If we have a couple’s session and only one of you shows up, I will not see you and I will charge you for the session.

My responsibilities as your Couple Counsellor in Session

  1. To keep all information confidential from anyone but the two of you.
  2. To be neutral and not take sides.
  3. To only talk to you when we are all together, unless we decide together otherwise.
  4. To recognize that you have all you need to move into connection together and completeness within yourselves. My role as your counsellor is to help you to dialogue in such a way that you will be able to find your way to each other.
  5. To be present, able to put aside whatever is going on inside me.
  6. To interact in a respectful, non-shaming matter, which models healthy differentiation.

Your responsibilities as a Couple in Session

  1. To be as honest about your feelings and thoughts as you know them.
  2. To be willing to be open and curious about your partner’s reality.
  3. To be willing to take responsibility for your part of the situation.
  4. To be respectful to your partner in and out of the session.
  5. To express appreciations and gratitude for your partner.
  6. To take the risk to be vulnerable at whatever level stretches you but does not break you.
  7. To become your partner’s advocate.

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