BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling MBACP

Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT

ACT offers a very effective, evidence based and practical approach to help you move your life in the direction towards your values and all that is important to you. The language we use has a huge impact on how our minds perceive and process situations and this means that our thoughts can cause us all sorts of problems. In ACT we learn to see thoughts as just thoughts through various experiential exercises, you can become much freer to get on with life, rather than being caught up in thinking. This is similar too, but a paradigm shift from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in that we are not going to try to change your thoughts, but change how you relate to them. ACT is about acceptance; we don’t have to like something to accept it; by being willing to learn how to allow space for uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings to come and go we can engage with and get on with our life.

I undertake ongoing training and counselling supervision in ACT

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ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) Training
ACT – Introductory Cert (Evolve Training & Therapy)
ACT – Intermediate Cert – Dr Russ Harris  (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Advanced Cert – Dr Russ Harris  (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Brief Intervention – Kirk Stosahl & Patricia Robinson (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Intermediate Cert – Self Esteem – Joe Oliver & Richard Bennett (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Advanced – Steve Hayes (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Matrix – Benjamin Schoendorff – (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Cert Anxiety & Depression – Russ Harris – (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Experiential Client Work – Robyn Walser & Matt Villatte (ACBS)

ACT with Compassion – Shame & Self Criticism – Jason Luoma & Jenna LaJeune(Contextual Consulting)

RFT – Relational Frame Theory – Joe Oliver & Richard Bennett (Contextual Consulting)

RFT – Cert Relational Frame Theory – J Oliver & R Bennett (Contextual Consulting)

ACT & RFT – Cert Mastering the Clinical Conversation – Matt Villatte (Contextual Consulting)

ACT – Cert Master Class – Robyn Walser (Contextual Consulting)
ACT – Cert Trauma and Mindfulness – Russ Harris (Psychwire)